Housing residence, Parc development zone in Louvres

Located at the edge of the Paul Ricœur park and giving onto this park, this 2-building project preserves the existing trees and the millstone fence wall. The very simple volume layout of the buildings is brought to life by the multiple exterior extensions, balconies and winter gardens each apartment has. These extensions all act as sun traps that reinforce the visual and thermal comfort of the apartments and offer side views. The buildings are built from insulating rectified bricks and heated with wood-fired boilers thus resulting in an excellent energy performance (extract of text from the Devillers agency)

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry
France, Louvres (FR-95)
Structural design stages
Agence Christian Devillers
Amount of work
6.8 M€
Photo credits
ELB Architectes, Luc Boegly
Completion date