La Bergerie, individual home, in Québec

The house is open to the Summer winds, ventilated in the centre by window wells and at the end by the gables, enabling an evacuation of passive air during the night. Autumn sees the terrace and kitchen used intensely for preserves and canning, as well as intensive use of the garden shed and basement for storage purposes. In Winter, family activities are focused on the house, with wide views from the sitting room across the fields to the mountains in the east and south. With the house being lived in on an intermittent basis during the early years and during the winter, the project faced a challenge; the solution was a superinsulated house open to the south. It is passively heated and cooled. The primary structure is made from recycled wood (extract from the L’œuf Architectes site). The structure studies were performed in association with Canadian engineer Mr. Jan Vrana.

Housing and public building, Sustainability
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Wood frame
Canada, Canada, Red River Valley
Feasibility study, Structural design stages
Stephen et Claudine Bronfman
Associate Engineering Offices
Jan Vrana
345 ㎡
Photo credits
L'ŒUF Architectes
2,5 M € HT
Completion date