North Hospital of Grenoble, Construction of a helipad on the roof

As the previous helipad of the Hospital Center could not be exploited any more because of its too steep situation, the request was focused on a new equipment to be built on the terrace of the New Technical Platform in project. Important equipment because in addition to a landing/takeoff area, it was also necessary to [lire la suite].

Footbridge and extension to the platform for the T2 tramway, Pont d’Issy development zone, Issy-les-Moulineaux

This is an urban footbridge. This involved creating a deck to ensure continuity for pedestrians and cyclists between the newly planned Pont d’Issy development zone district and the district where the T2 tramway and RER C arrive opposite the esplanade. The connection between the footbridge and its accesses is treated as an urban mechanism. This [lire la suite].

Pierre-Simon Girard footbridge, Écocité development zone on L’Ourcq Canal, in Bobigny

The Pierre-Simon Girard footbridge crosses the L’Ourcq canal in the north of Paris. While being 5 metres above the canal it has been globally designed as a crossover adapted for persons with reduced mobility with an ensuing wide layout. The “backbone” of the structure comprises a steel box beam associated to a guy-wire supported tower [lire la suite].

Constant Lemaître footbridge, “Pont de Sèvres district”, in Boulogne-Billancourt

The Constant Lemaître footbridge and the Georges Besse square are located in a rich and singular urban environment: on the site of the old Renault factories in Boulogne-Billancourt, between the Renault communication centre (Claude Vasconi’s “57 Métal”) to the south, the Girafe kindergarten by Raphaëlle Hondelatte and the Tour Horizons by the Atelier Jean Nouvel [lire la suite].

Cable-borne camera, at the Vincennes race track

Design a mast, apparently a very simple task. But giving this mast an orientation, a visual direction, a proportion these were the goals of the structure supporting the cable-borne camera, at the Vincennes race track. Steel was chosen as the structure material right from the start of the design phase. The principle of dissociating the [lire la suite].

Footbridge over the Sèvre in the Parc Interrégional du Marais Poitevin, in Le Vanneau

This operation is situated in a special context: the restoration of the footbridge for the La Sèvre village is part of a larger project to promote the hydraulic heritage of this region and as such has been integrated into the Opération Grand Site carried out in the Marais Poitevin. The rehabilitation of the footbridge mainly [lire la suite].

Walkway for the Jewellery Gallery, Decorative Arts Museum, Paris, France

The 1,200 pieces on display in the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris offer visitors a magnificent journey through time taking in the history of jewels and jewellery from the Middle Ages to modern times. The Gallery occupies two spaces on the second floor of the Decorative Arts Museum on both sides of the main staircase. [lire la suite].