Centre Aqualudique Aqualagon, in Marne-la-Vallée

As part of the development of a resort village in Marne-la-Vallée in Seine-et-Marne, the Villages Nature du Val d’Europe entrusted the construction of the water complex to architect Jacques Ferrier. The project comprises three separate entities: the water pavilion containing the swimming pools (110×80 m with a maximum height of 27 metres), the air pavilion [lire la suite].

Chai, in Saint Emilion

Design of the shell on a contemporary construction on a wine growing estate whose architectural identity pre-exists the new project. The work carried out in close collaboration with the Architect and Engineer Samuel Nageotte, a partner with the Ateliers Jean Nouvel consisted in merging water tightness and air tightness for the new constructions and their [lire la suite].

Sénart Theatre

The Théâtre, a future national theatre, is a new landmark in the Carré Sénart. It finds its balance in a play on oblique shapes and a hierarchy of reliefs. The metal roof is laid like a veil on the fragmented volume that houses a large front room, an adaptable room and a restaurant. A group [lire la suite].

Offices, Le Velum, La Buire development zone, in Lyon

Le Velum, a 15,000 m² office programme completes the renovation of the La Buire district in Lyon. This 8-storey building comprises three volumes linked by suspended gardens. To unify the overall composition of the façade, a glass screen surrounds the building providing thermal, sound and sunlight protection. At the rear of the building, a light [lire la suite].