Ductal® UHPFRC façade panels for the EDF Training Centre in Saclay

The design of the building is organized in strata. “Everything is structured to offer a legible and intelligible campus to users who must integrate this environment very quickly and learn how to find their way around”, the architects explained. The composition of the façade alternates 3 Ductal® and glass layers endowing the building with a [lire la suite].

General purpose hall and exterior covered space, at the Parc du Tremblay in Champigny sur Marne

The installation of the construction overhanging the park site is intended to establish physical and visual links with the athletics stadium below, access to the park and the view towards the distant landscapes. Opposite the renovated athletics track, the facilities are laid out like the background of an antique theatre. In this system, the structure [lire la suite].

Pre-stressed and post-tensioned beams made from Ductal® UHPFRC for Huaxin, in Wuhan

The beams pre-stressed by bonded tendons are made from metal fibre Ductal and designed for the roofing of industrial buildings in China. The span is greater than 20 metres and the height variable depending on the internal solicitations of the mechanism. The principle consists of optimising the material used to come close to the typical [lire la suite].

Table Dots made from Ductal® UHPFRC, Galerie Philippe Jousse, Paris

A prototype table made from UHPFRC. This structure is made from a Ductal organic fibre plate with a structural thickness of 40 mm associated to hollow columns the undulating curve of which is reminiscent of the work of Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto. The link between the legs and the table is achieved with a high [lire la suite].

Monumenta 2016 – Huang Yong Ping, at the Grand Palais, Paris

Empires, an installation by Huang Yong Ping, occupies the nave of the Grand Palais for the seventh “Monumenta” event in 2016. 305 containers of the type used to transport freight are superimposed in several rows under the glass ceiling. The highest row is 17.5 m high. These containers of different colours bear the logos of [lire la suite].

Reinforcement for the Victor Fouche former maternity hospital, Martinique

The earthquake resistance work carried out for the building housing the Victor Fouche former maternity hospital, enabled certain reinforcement techniques to be developed such as “nailing” existing foundations by using micropiles, reinforcing hollow body concrete floors by means of pre-stressing and post-tensioning or the development of reinforced concrete retaining walls at variable thicknesses and dimensions [lire la suite].

“La Passerelle enchantée” exhibition by Daniel Hourdé, on the Pont des Arts, in Paris

You cannot miss them standing on the Pont-Neuf bridge. Even through a downpouring of rain, large figures stand out on the 155m long Pont des Arts bridge. This is the enchanted footbridge staged by Daniel Hourde in 2016. The sculptures were installed in the week of 23 May, for inauguration on 25 May 2016. Being [lire la suite].

Buildings designed by Marcel Lods, Village of La Faisanderie, in Fontainebleau

Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States: these are the names of the four residential buildings in La Faisanderie, built in 1952 by Marcel Lods, associated with his colleague Maurice Cammas, for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command in Europe. After being abandoned by NATO when France left the organization (1966), then [lire la suite].

Lodgings and leisure centre, Moulin Vert development zone in Vitry-sur-Seine

The project, located on a 16,521 m² plot in the heart of the garden city of Moulin Vert, in Vitry sur Seine, is intended to increase the site density while retaining the urban and landscaping characteristics of the site and reinforcing the links between the lodgings and the green areas. The construction of these lodgings [lire la suite].

Ductal® UHPFRC staircase, Somerset House, in London

The staircase is located in a restricted space which led to a cylinder shaped geometric design, comprising a central stainless-steel lattice drum supporting the steps and the landings made from Ductal® organic fibre ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete. The pre-fabricated fibre concrete parts were assembled on site through local pre-stressing which enabled the mechanical and [lire la suite].