Charles Nègre media library, Grasse

Text by Laurent Beaudouin. “The Grasse media library is inspired by the character of Grasse’s urban structure, the tensions and proximities between the buildings. As a counterpoint to this density, the media library offers visual openings onto the neighbourhood and the distance. The project uses the presence of programme elements with a certain independence to [lire la suite].

Reinforcement for the Victor Fouche former maternity hospital, Martinique

The earthquake resistance work carried out for the building housing the Victor Fouche former maternity hospital, enabled certain reinforcement techniques to be developed such as “nailing” existing foundations by using micropiles, reinforcing hollow body concrete floors by means of pre-stressing and post-tensioning or the development of reinforced concrete retaining walls at variable thicknesses and dimensions [lire la suite].

Earthquake resistance for the hospital ward towers at the Centre Hospitalier Louis Domergue, in La Trinité, Martinique

The Centre Hospitalier Louis Domergue in Trinité was built in 1974. At that time it was not mandatory to apply the so-called PS 69 earthquake resistance rules. The “tower” of the hospital comprises 3 blocks: (a) one block B, R+7, (b) a second block C, R+8, also a hospital ward block, (c) a third block [lire la suite].

Earthquake reinforcement protection for Collège Dillon, Martinique

Collège Dillon is a school establishment built in the early 70’s. It comprises 4 buildings all of which received the same earthquake reinforcement. An earthquake hit Martinique on 29 November 2007 at 3 pm (local time). Of a magnitude of 7.3 at a depth of 152 km, this earthquake damaged Collège Dillon. The intensity at [lire la suite].