Chai, in Saint Emilion

Design of the shell on a contemporary construction on a wine growing estate whose architectural identity pre-exists the new project. The work carried out in close collaboration with the Architect and Engineer Samuel Nageotte, a partner with the Ateliers Jean Nouvel consisted in merging water tightness and air tightness for the new constructions and their [lire la suite].

Sénart Theatre

The Théâtre, a future national theatre, is a new landmark in the Carré Sénart. It finds its balance in a play on oblique shapes and a hierarchy of reliefs. The metal roof is laid like a veil on the fragmented volume that houses a large front room, an adaptable room and a restaurant. A group [lire la suite].

Offices, Le Velum, La Buire development zone, in Lyon

Le Velum, a 15,000 m² office programme completes the renovation of the La Buire district in Lyon. This 8-storey building comprises three volumes linked by suspended gardens. To unify the overall composition of the façade, a glass screen surrounds the building providing thermal, sound and sunlight protection. At the rear of the building, a light [lire la suite].

Monumental suspended chandelier – La Mantille, rue Blanche, Paris

When the Carlyle Group bought 32 rue Blanche in Paris, France, in 2007, this vast “urban industrial building” was abandoned. Architect Franck Hammoutène wished to reveal the potential of this building, encased within the size of a city block, by bringing out the modularity of its structure, the transparency and luminosity of its skin, the [lire la suite].