Charles Nègre media library, Grasse

Text by Laurent Beaudouin. “The Grasse media library is inspired by the character of Grasse’s urban structure, the tensions and proximities between the buildings. As a counterpoint to this density, the media library offers visual openings onto the neighbourhood and the distance. The project uses the presence of programme elements with a certain independence to [lire la suite].

North Hospital of Grenoble, Construction of a helipad on the roof

As the previous helipad of the Hospital Center could not be exploited any more because of its too steep situation, the request was focused on a new equipment to be built on the terrace of the New Technical Platform in project. Important equipment because in addition to a landing/takeoff area, it was also necessary to [lire la suite].

Bamboo « contemplation » exhibition pavilion, in Arles

As part of the Rencontres de la photographie 2018 (photography encounters) in the town of Arles, C&E ingénierie joined forces with the Colombian architect, Simon Velez, to design a pavilion with a bearing structure in bamboo. The structure is 68 metres long, 16 metres wide and 9 metres high and is made up of a [lire la suite].

Ductal® UHPFRC façade panels for the EDF Training Centre in Saclay

The design of the building is organized in strata. “Everything is structured to offer a legible and intelligible campus to users who must integrate this environment very quickly and learn how to find their way around”, the architects explained. The composition of the façade alternates 3 Ductal® and glass layers endowing the building with a [lire la suite].

Rehabilitation of the Hôtel Lutetia, Paris Rive Gauche

The hotel Le Lutétia built in 1910 by the architects Louis-Hippolyte Boileau and Henri Tauzin is a remarkable and very homogeneous building. The main façade (rue de Sèvres and boulevard Raspail) is adorned with stone sculptures, vine motif and trellis. The corner of rue de Sèvres and boulevard Raspail is the outstanding feature of the [lire la suite].

Residential Tower, 2 Lions district in Tours

The Le Galion combined architectural project in the Deux Lions district is characterised by a unique landscape that blends perfectly into the banks of the Cher river. The project includes an office building, a residential building (the Tour Lumière) and a company restaurant, built around a garden that extends out over the Cher river like [lire la suite].

Centre Aqualudique Aqualagon, in Marne-la-Vallée

As part of the development of a resort village in Marne-la-Vallée in Seine-et-Marne, the Villages Nature du Val d’Europe entrusted the construction of the water complex to architect Jacques Ferrier. The project comprises three separate entities: the water pavilion containing the swimming pools (110×80 m with a maximum height of 27 metres), the air pavilion [lire la suite].

Pre-stressed and post-tensioned beams made from Ductal® UHPFRC for Huaxin, in Wuhan

The beams pre-stressed by bonded tendons are made from metal fibre Ductal and designed for the roofing of industrial buildings in China. The span is greater than 20 metres and the height variable depending on the internal solicitations of the mechanism. The principle consists of optimising the material used to come close to the typical [lire la suite].

Table Dots made from Ductal® UHPFRC, Galerie Philippe Jousse, Paris

A prototype table made from UHPFRC. This structure is made from a Ductal organic fibre plate with a structural thickness of 40 mm associated to hollow columns the undulating curve of which is reminiscent of the work of Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto. The link between the legs and the table is achieved with a high [lire la suite].

Bureaux des Services de la CREA, in Rouen

The 8,300 m² building was completed in July 2017. The main feature of this 6-storey building is a rectangle split longitudinally in its centre, giving the impression of two dissociated parallelepiped-shaped sections. A car park at a basement level is located under the building. Two materials are used for the primary structure: concrete and steel. [lire la suite].