Ductal® UHPFRC façade panels for the EDF Training Centre in Saclay

The design of the building is organized in strata. “Everything is structured to offer a legible and intelligible campus to users who must integrate this environment very quickly and learn how to find their way around”, the architects explained. The composition of the façade alternates 3 Ductal® and glass layers endowing the building with a [lire la suite].

Pre-stressed and post-tensioned beams made from Ductal® UHPFRC for Huaxin, in Wuhan

The beams pre-stressed by bonded tendons are made from metal fibre Ductal and designed for the roofing of industrial buildings in China. The span is greater than 20 metres and the height variable depending on the internal solicitations of the mechanism. The principle consists of optimising the material used to come close to the typical [lire la suite].

Table Dots made from Ductal® UHPFRC, Galerie Philippe Jousse, Paris

A prototype table made from UHPFRC. This structure is made from a Ductal organic fibre plate with a structural thickness of 40 mm associated to hollow columns the undulating curve of which is reminiscent of the work of Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto. The link between the legs and the table is achieved with a high [lire la suite].

Footbridge and extension to the platform for the T2 tramway, Pont d’Issy development zone, Issy-les-Moulineaux

This is an urban footbridge. This involved creating a deck to ensure continuity for pedestrians and cyclists between the newly planned Pont d’Issy development zone district and the district where the T2 tramway and RER C arrive opposite the esplanade. The connection between the footbridge and its accesses is treated as an urban mechanism. This [lire la suite].

“Ring of Memory” made from Ceracem®BSI UHPFRC for the Centenary of the Great War, in Notre Dame de Lorette

The international memorial in Notre-Dame de Lorette, built in the commune of Ablain-Saint-Nazaire (62), designed by Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Prost, forms an elliptical ring 129.00m by 75.00m, built in the vicinity of the existing military cemetery. The work covers a 328-metre perimeter. It is a pseudo-ellipse made from B.S.I. type ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete 49 [lire la suite].

Ductal® UHPFRC staircase, Somerset House, in London

The staircase is located in a restricted space which led to a cylinder shaped geometric design, comprising a central stainless-steel lattice drum supporting the steps and the landings made from Ductal® organic fibre ultra high performance fibre-reinforced concrete. The pre-fabricated fibre concrete parts were assembled on site through local pre-stressing which enabled the mechanical and [lire la suite].

Façade grid made from Ductal® UHPFRC for a retirement home in Paris

A self-supporting grid made from white reinforced Ductal® FO (Organic Fibres) wraps around the building façade. The slender slats comprising it are 6 m long, 20 to 65 cm wide and 7 to 12 cm thick. The grid covers a surface area of 1,000 m² right up to the 22 m building height. The rooms [lire la suite].

Pre-fabricated Ductal® UHPFRC panels for the Budin kindergarten, Paris

The Budin kindergarten has a white undulating façade made from Ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete of the Ductal® organic fibre type with asymmetrical openings. In this system in which the concrete thickness is 5 to 10 times less than that of the insulation liner, it is this liner that forms the bottom of the permanent formwork [lire la suite].

Ductal® UHPFRC Staircase for a showroom for Zaha Hadid Associates, in London

The staircase is made from Ductal® organic fibre slats suspended at the top part. Each slat is pre-fabricated in 3 parts and assembled by a coupler that is not visible in its thickness. The overall stability and in particular the dynamic analysis is carried out individually for each one and this results in an airy [lire la suite].

Ductal® UHPFRC panels in Shenzen

The façade panels are designed for Shum Yip Upperhills Loft in Shenzen in China, the Architects being Urbanus. The total surface area of the panels built is over 20,000m², the dimensions of a standard panel are 1.5m (wide) x 2,8m (high). The material used is the Ductal organic fibre NaW3 FO STT. What is interesting [lire la suite].