General purpose hall and exterior covered space, at the Parc du Tremblay in Champigny sur Marne

The installation of the construction overhanging the park site is intended to establish physical and visual links with the athletics stadium below, access to the park and the view towards the distant landscapes. Opposite the renovated athletics track, the facilities are laid out like the background of an antique theatre. In this system, the structure [lire la suite].

Centre Aqualudique Aqualagon, in Marne-la-Vallée

As part of the development of a resort village in Marne-la-Vallée in Seine-et-Marne, the Villages Nature du Val d’Europe entrusted the construction of the water complex to architect Jacques Ferrier. The project comprises three separate entities: the water pavilion containing the swimming pools (110×80 m with a maximum height of 27 metres), the air pavilion [lire la suite].

Aria, cultural centre in Cornebarrieu

This programme built in the heart of the Monges-Croix du Sud development zone comprises a 1,170 m2 media library and a 1,640 m2 community hall. These two complementary programmes are linked by means of a common hall and conference room. It was necessary to take account of the flood risk when designing the construction with [lire la suite].

Lodgings and leisure centre, Moulin Vert development zone in Vitry-sur-Seine

The project, located on a 16,521 m² plot in the heart of the garden city of Moulin Vert, in Vitry sur Seine, is intended to increase the site density while retaining the urban and landscaping characteristics of the site and reinforcing the links between the lodgings and the green areas. The construction of these lodgings [lire la suite].

Rehabilitation of Halle Pajol, in Paris

Built in the 1920’s, the Halle Pajol was for many years a warehouse for the SNCF. It is over one hundred metres long by forty metres wide and is the main feature in the Pajol development zone. The Pajol development zone, a sort of eco-island, is strongly committed to a sustainable development approach, focused on [lire la suite].

La Bergerie, individual home, in Québec

The house is open to the Summer winds, ventilated in the centre by window wells and at the end by the gables, enabling an evacuation of passive air during the night. Autumn sees the terrace and kitchen used intensely for preserves and canning, as well as intensive use of the garden shed and basement for [lire la suite].

Solorem offices, in Nancy

The project is located in Nancy. These are office facilities with a structure designed to be reversible, modifiable and if necessary partially dismountable. What is special about this static layout is the horizontal bracing of the metal framework by a wooden horizontal diaphragm made from Lignotrend type connected panels. The primary structure is deliberately positioned [lire la suite].