Housing and shopping complex, Masséna, Rive Gauche district in Paris

Three volumes (one ground floor housing a piano shop, one emerging volume featuring vast apartments and a lower building with smaller apartments) and materials of contrasted colours: black aluminium, red brick and white self-supporting Noyon stone. The views are multiple, they benefit “high quality” lodgings with high quality and generous exterior extensions and interior spaces that are modular and that can be arranged as each family desires (extract of text from the Devillers agency). The structure has a classical reinforced concrete appearance. However it does have local singularities such as the suspension of the slab of the Duplex storey to be as coherent as possible with the architectural project.

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry
France, Paris (FR-75)
Structural design stages
Agence Christian Devillers
Arc Promotion
Amount of work
4.5 M€
Photo credits
ELB Architectes, Luc Boegly
Completion date