IPEFAM (Institut Polytechnique d’Etudes Franco-Allemandes et de Management), Metz

Ipefam is the result of the merger between two teaching units, the Institut Polytechnique d’Études Franco-Allemandes and a Management School. In this project it is the overhang, through the positive and negative spaces that it makes, that embeds the building into the surrounding context. An overhang with a span of some ten metres has thus been created. This system contains a heterogeneous structure comprising one steel part (projecting volume) and a concrete part (stairwells + amphitheatres) playing the role of counterweight. The heterogeneous nature of the constructive structure is not expressed visually so as to give the impression of a continuous volume, sliding over another volume. The novel way the empty spaces are defined, their tense sequencing, with the gaze projected outwards, suggest the machine-like aspect of the building while the contrasting colours of the walls give the surrounding nature its artificiality. (Extract from the text by Architecture critique Joseph Abram on IPEFAM)

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry, Steel frame
France, Metz (FR-57)
Structural design stages
Emmanuelle et Laurent Beaudoin, Patrick Giopp
Rectorat de Nancy Metz
Amount of work
5 M€
5500 ㎡
Photo credits
ELB Architects, C&E
Completion date