Lodgings, Parc Delzieux in Saint Nazaire

As part of the CITY-PORT project, the city of Saint-Nazaire developed an urban project around the Delzieux square. With the CISN, the atelierphilippemadec won the contract for a mixed development comprising 96 lodgings, for social and private rental and for private purchase.
Five buildings form a square that determines the space of Delzieux square, more south oriented and protected from the prevailing winds and the traffic in neighbouring streets. The design of this building complex is based on three well executed principles. The first is that all the rooms in each lodging has a window to the exterior. The second is that all the lodgings give onto two directions at least. The third is the installation of natural ventilation for the entire building with air being drawn out by chimneys on the roof. Insulation from the outside, siding using ecological materials, sun-powered production of hot water and gas-powered central heating are the other main features of a highly developed eco-design (text drafted by the Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Madec).

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry
France, Saint Nazaire (FR-44)
Structural design stages
Atelier d'Architecture Philippe Madec
SCCV Le Parc Delzieux
Amount of work
9.3 M€
Photo credits
Stéphane Chalmeau
Completion date