Monumenta 2008 – Richard Serra, in the Grand Palais, Paris

Laid out asymmetrically along the central axis of the nave, seventeen-metres high, four-metres wide, and each weighing seventy-five tonnes, the steel plates nonetheless seem light in this 13,500 m² space.
Visitors walk down the nave and around the five plates. With each step the work changes. Visitors never see all five plates simultaneously. Slightly inclined (1.69 degrees), on both sides, they are laid on a foundation hidden under the visible finished floor level and are self-stabilising without the need for mechanical anchoring. For the duration of the exhibition, a system was set up to observe and control the daily movements of the plates caused by changes in temperature and ground vibrations.

Art work
Materials and construction systems
Steel frame
France, Paris, Grand Palais (FR-75)
Feasibility study, Preliminary study, Structural design stages, Working and Shop drawings
Richard Serra Sculptor
Régie des Musées Nationaux
Photo credits
Grand Palais - RMN, C&E
Completion date