Monumenta 2011 – anchoring for Anish Kapoor’s installation in the Grand Palais, Paris

For its fourth event in 2011, Monumenta invited the artist Anish Kapoor, to take over the 13,500 m2 of the Nave of the Grand Palais. The artist proposed installing an inflatable structure culminating at a height of 35 metres, continually under pressure in order to stabilise the geometry. The textile material is so fine that it lets light in from the Grand Palais glass ceiling. The design of the temporary anchoring for this inflatable structure (several metres under floor level to anchor tens of tonnes) gives you an idea of how gigantic the installation is as experienced by spectators when they come face to face with it.

Art work
France, Paris, Grand Palais (FR-75)
Feasibility study, Preliminary study, Structural design stages, Working and Shop drawings
Anish Kapoor Sculpteur
Régie des Musées Nationaux
Photo credits
Grand Palais - RMN, C&E
Completion date