Office building in the Vache Noire business estate in Arcueil

The building is surrounded on three sides by wide open spaces: the Aqueduc de La Vanne, a 50-m wide green walkway to the west, the RN 20 to the east and the future Place de la Vache Noire of which it occupies the south side and the main axis.
It thereby benefits from exceptional visibility over a major public space within the new Portes d’Arcueil tertiary and shopping zone.
This prestigious situation is underscored by the architecture of the building: a pure 100% glass prism that lights up at night.

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry, Steel frame
France, Arcueil (FR-94)
Structural design stages
Agence Christian Devillers
Meunier Promotion
Amount of work
16 M€
15000 ㎡
Photo credits
Agence Christian Devillers, C&E
Completion date