Offices, Landy Pleyel development zone, in Saint-Denis

How do you work with reinforced concrete to make a continuous structure laid out in the form of shear walls, deep beams and a beam and column structure? This project attempts to provide an answer by exploring the possibilities afforded by this material in a constrained context as is often the case in tertiary programmes. Within a traditional static layout, the structure provides an answer which defines the spaces while at the same time freeing up the platforms to ensure a maximum amount of reversibility.

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Masonry
France, France, Saint Denis (FR-93)
Structural design stages
Christian Devillers Architect
Bati Conseil Immobilier Silic
Amount of work
39 M€
4700 ㎡
Photo credits
Agence Christian Devillers, C&E
Completion date