Pre-fabricated Ductal® UHPFRC panels for the Budin kindergarten, Paris

The Budin kindergarten has a white undulating façade made from Ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete of the Ductal® organic fibre type with asymmetrical openings. In this system in which the concrete thickness is 5 to 10 times less than that of the insulation liner, it is this liner that forms the bottom of the permanent formwork for use in shaping the panels. This is a façade with two inverted complementary layers (insulation and protection) in which the exterior protection serves as a self-supporting structure for the panels. Despite the apparent geometrical complexity, the entire system was put in place with a small number of moulds. It is therefore the orientation of the motifs that enable the geometric wealth of the whole to be obtained. The panels were installed with a 10mm joint between each one. This low value gives the impression of continuity felt when examining the façade.

Ultra high Performance Reinforced Concrete
France, Paris (FR-75)
Feasibility study, Working and Shop drawings
ECDM, Dominique Marrec, Emmanuel Combarel
City of Paris
Amount of work
1.1 M€
875 ㎡
Photo credits
ECDM Architects, Luc Boegly, Il Cantiere, C&E
Completion date