Solorem offices, in Nancy

The project is located in Nancy. These are office facilities with a structure designed to be reversible, modifiable and if necessary partially dismountable. What is special about this static layout is the horizontal bracing of the metal framework by a wooden horizontal diaphragm made from Lignotrend type connected panels. The primary structure is deliberately positioned longitudinally. So it is never in interaction with the interior design elements and blends into the overall design. the exterior wooden siding associated to the “double skin” made from wooden clapboard is what gives the construction its visible exterior volume.

Housing and public building
Materials and construction systems
Concrete and prestressed concrete, Steel frame, Wood frame
France, France, Nancy (FR-54)
Structural design stages
Emmanuelle and Laurent Beaudouin, Aurélie Husson
Amount of work
5 M€
Photo credits
ELB Architectes, Luc Boegly
Completion date