Table Dots made from Ductal® UHPFRC, Galerie Philippe Jousse, Paris

A prototype table made from UHPFRC. This structure is made from a Ductal organic fibre plate with a structural thickness of 40 mm associated to hollow columns the undulating curve of which is reminiscent of the work of Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto. The link between the legs and the table is achieved with a high elastic limit pre-stressed rod positioned inside each leg and pre-stressed under the leg. A net-based reinforcement positioned in the thickness of the plate endows the mechanism with mechanical redundancy. It is by producing the plate/column embedding through the introduction of an additional force that gives the mechanism its elegance. Indeed the material thickening that traditionally characterises embedding is replaced by an invisible mechanism of equivalent efficiency.

Ultra high Performance Reinforced Concrete
Feasibility study, Structural design stages, Working and Shop drawings
ECDM, Dominique Marrec, Emmanuel Combarel
Galerie Philippe Jousse
Photo credits
ECDM Architectes, Méditerranée Préabrication
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