Walkway for the Jewellery Gallery, Decorative Arts Museum, Paris, France

The 1,200 pieces on display in the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris offer visitors a magnificent journey through time taking in the history of jewels and jewellery from the Middle Ages to modern times. The Gallery occupies two spaces on the second floor of the Decorative Arts Museum on both sides of the main staircase. The first room houses the oldest collections and the second the most contemporary creations. These two spaces are linked by a steel and glass walkway crossing over the hall. It is a structure that reveals its underside. When seen from the entrance hall, it is the design of the primary structure made from built-up sections and the secondary “T” shaped structure that give the outline to the moulding to which the laminated glass hand rail is anchored.

Bridge and footbridge
Materials and construction systems
Glass, Steel frame
France, Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs (FR-75)
Preliminary study, Structural design stages
Roberto Ostinelli, CE A+I Jean Marc Weill
Amount of work
0.2 M€
Photo credits
Roberto Ostinelli, C&E
Completion date